Flyboard Experience

During each session, clients receive training from a certified instructor on how to steer, dive, spin, hover, and jump in and out of the water like a dolphin. They then strap on to the flyboard, which is attached to a jet ski with a hose, and begin their exhilarating flight under, across, and above the water, soaring up to 25 feet into the air.
Flyboarding is available for ages 10 and up. Sessions start at 30 minutes each with a 10 minute instruction. Book one of our flight sessions below to get started! We also offer Paddleboard, Jetski, & Kayak Rentals Call for Details


top tier instructors

Our Flyboard instructors have over 10 years of Flyboarding Experience and have trained of 10,000 people how to fly. Come learn from the best in the business. We are even staffed with a couple Professional Flyboarders.

flyboard learn.jpg

Fly within minutes

Sure...this could be something very extreme. We strive to make your flight session fun and easy to fly. Most people only take up to 5 minutes to get up flying above the water. Let us teach you how to do easily.

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safe gear & communication

We use top notch waterproof Bluetooth helmets. Communication is always key and we are sure to make sure you have a safe and fun experience.