Commercial Instructor Flyboard Training Course

Commercial Instructor Flyboard Training Course

Due to restrictions enforced by the Coast Guard & insurance companies, this instructional training course is required to enable certain entities to provide Flyboard, Hoverboard, & Jet Pack services.

This Instructor’s Training Course is for those who want to become an official Zapata Racing Flyboard, Hoverboard, & Jet Pack instructor, enabling them to train individuals and/or customers how to fly. This course will provide you with an Instructor’s Certification Certificate that you are able to present to your insurance company. This training course will also allow you to return to your own business or employer and work as a certified instructor. The course is 6-8 hours, in which the trainee receives hands-on Flyboard, Hoverboard, and Jet Pack training, practice, assembly, teaching strategies, and general maintenance.

For Yacht Charters

Let us come and train your crew so you can have full protection of insurance and can trust your crew members to fly guests safely. We can come out to teach your members on board how to fly and how to fly others. We also setup you up with all the backup parts and kits you would need in case you are out to sea and have an equipment issue.

Rental Company

We have over 10 years of experience Flying customers and can help teach you everything you need to know about running a successful Flyboarding company. Get instructed by one of the top Flyboarders in the world and help with any questions you might have. Everything from marketing ideas to insurance and equipment.

Remember, this is a water propulsion attachment that has the ability to propel you 50 feet above or below water. It can be hazardous if not used or maintained properly.

The full day training course includes:

  • Verbal and written training with a Zapata Racing Master Instructor.
  • Trainee will review the Flyboard, Hoverboard and Jet Pack Safety, Guidelines, and Restrictions manual.
  • Learn how to pre-check equipment and jet ski and prepare for use.
  • Trainee will learn to operate Flyboard, Hoverboard, and Jet Pack.
  • Learn to ride Flyboard (basic maneuvers – fly, spin, & dive).
  • Learn to operate Flyboard throttle.
  • Trainee will operate the instructor on the Flyboard. In addition, the instructor will give you common troubleshooting scenarios.
  • How properly clean and store equipment after each use.
  • Flyboard, Hoverboard and Jet Pack Commercial Instructor Certificate from Zapata Racing.

Course completion requirement: Trainee will need proof of CPR/First Aid training.


Get trained by a professional

Hey....we get it! You want to be trained by someone who knows what they are doing.

Rush is a 3 time Hydroflight Champion and can teach you all the ins and outs of flying and taking care of your gear the proper way.

With over 100 trainings and having multiple flyboard locations we have seen it all. 

Bring in a pro to help get you setup the right way and safely

Call (561) 633-0310 for Rush Bragg Directly